What I Found Out About Joel Marion…

NOTE: This page is for everyone who wants to learn more about Joel Marion before buying anything from him. I’ve spent the course of days putting this altogether. What you’re about to see is just about everything I could dig up on Joel and his qualifications as a fitness coach and weight loss guru – enjoy!

First off – Who is Joel Marion?

Yeah, you’ve seen his face on programs like the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

You may have seen him on tv, fitness magazines or established news sites.


Who is he really? Is Joel Marion just some dude who’s selling stuff? Or does he know what he’s talking about? More importantly – is he the best person to help you lose weight?

Second to that – has he actually helped people?

With that said, let me show you what I found.

A little digging into Joel Marion’s past…

What the heck?

Are these two different people? – Nope.  It’s the same Joel Marion, but something dramatic happened to him.

Searching back through old pages on the internet turned up something interesting.
Joel Marion > His original page from 1999 (joelmarion.net)
Skip to the old About page > 2001 Body for Life winner. Huh?

Joel Marion from scrawny to Body for Life champion

scrawny Joel on (left) to a new improved Joel (right)

There it is, I discover that Joel used to be scrawny!

Then he got ripped. 22.5 pounds of muscle!
Impressive, but how healthy can that be?

Turns out, these are the before and after photos from the 2001 Body for Life Challenge.

Joel won first place and was accredited with maintaining a perfectly healthy body fat percentage throughout his entire challenge.

Body for Life promotes weight loss through proper diet and resistance training.

And Joel Marion is their poster child.

Joel Marion is Body for Life poster child

Not too bad if you ask me.

Joel Marion must know what he is doing if he was able to transform his body like this.

On a personal note, I should tell you that I’m a little fatter version of the 2001 Joel.  It’s weird for me to see that something like this is possible – changing your entire body into… well, a healthy looking one.  I’m intrigued and have to learn more!

Keep reading for the rest of what I found…

What I came across next that made me want to learn how to get in shape from Joel Marion…

Okay, so Joel walks the healthy route and sees results.

What about everyone else?
What about me? I don’t want to eat grass to lose weight!
I have a sweet tooth and love Italian food. I can’t give that up!

Joel gives me hope. He created cheat meals for his training plans.

Remember the ads for his “Cheat Your Way Thin” program?

joel marion cheat your way thin program

Watch this video interview from 2010 where he explains how cheat meals work.

Joel Marion is a smart guy first AND a jock second.
Rare combo here.

Honors graduate from The College of New Jersey, Magna Cum Laude

  • Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science
  • Bachelor Degree in Health Education

International Society of Sports Nutrition and
National Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Certified Sports nutritionist
  • Certified Personal Trainer

Accredited author for major health and fitness publications

  • Men’s Fitness
  • Muscle Media
  • Woman’s Day
  • SELF
  • Muscle & Fitness Hers
  • MuscleMag International
  • Oxygen
  • T-Nation.com
  • BodyBuilding.com
  • LifeScript.com

Is cheat meals still offered in his new program?

Ok. Joel knows what he’s talking about, but… What is the best program he’s created for losing weight, getting in shape, and burning off fat?

What better way to get results then letting the teacher do the work?

Here’s an old video of Joel Marion’s training days.
If you’re like me, you want the NEW, improved, less work version. And, of course, the cheat meals!

After the video I discuss the most effective weight loss program Joel Marion offers.

It’s obvious that Joel Marion is a hard worker.
What did all that hard work create for ME though?
What’s Joel Marion’s most effective weight loss program?

Joel Marion’s motto is FAST and Healthy results.
Only a limited number of Joel Marion programs exist for this reason. There is A LOT of time that goes into developing a FAST and Healthy program for weight loss.

The Cheat to Lose Diet was released 4 years ago.
It’s a best selling book and I almost bought it.

I found out that his new, improved program teaches everything from that book, plus new techniques he hasn’t released yet.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is years in the making.

Joel put all of his hard work into it. He refused to release this program without a perfected balance of FAST and HEALTHY.

It turns out that Xtreme Fat Loss Diet has just re-released. Apparently, it’s improved even more than the past versions of the program.

Click Here to see Joel explain how the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program works…

You can also read customer testimonials and results on this page